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The Everglades Florida

The Everglades Florida is one of the most fascinating places on earth. It is a very shallow river that slowly meanders its way from near Orlando to the Florida Bay in the south, about 100 miles. The river is 60 miles wide. "It is a unique ecosystem that you will not find anywhere else in… Continue reading The Everglades Florida

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Fall Colors in the Rockies

Every season has something special in the Rockies. Winter skiing, summer fun on the lake or trekking & hiking, and even Fall is a beautiful time to visit. The Fall Colors in the Rockies are truly spectacular! Take a day to drive through the mountains when the leaves change color and sweep the valleys and… Continue reading Fall Colors in the Rockies

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Places to See in Nepal – Kathmandu

Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu is crowded. Tourists come and go in plane-loads throughout the day and this airport is inadequate. Chinese, European and tourists from other parts of the world want to see this beautiful country. You start off queuing up to get your hand luggage checked through the x-ray machines when you disembark from… Continue reading Places to See in Nepal – Kathmandu

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Road Trip -> New Mexico

New Mexico is a quiet state bordering Mexico sandwiched between Texas and Arizona. At first you may think, ah, what can you do there. But trust me it is very pretty and very different from the rest of the US. First off is the architecture. They have made it a point to be different from… Continue reading Road Trip -> New Mexico

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The Miraculous Stairway – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tucked away in sleepy New Mexico, which is a state in the USA, not to be confused with Mexico which is a country across the border from New Mexico, in Santa Fe, is a small chapel with a big claim to fame. The Loretto Chapel's claim to fame is its beautiful stairway. The stairway has… Continue reading The Miraculous Stairway – Santa Fe, New Mexico