My Friend Alexa 2019

The Rodeo – Denver, CO

In the 19th Century and even before that, the Wild, WIld, West was..well...wild. Life was rough, men needed vital skills to survive. Capturing & taming wild horses, wrestling steers and riding the bulls were all a part of survival. The tradition of Vaqueros or cowboys, showed off their working skills in competitions started in Spain,… Continue reading The Rodeo – Denver, CO

My Friend Alexa 2019

Everything Druk – Bhutan

Bhutan sounds like some exotic place! And its right in our backyard so to speak. We suddenly decided that we needed to go to Bhutan. In a big hurry we booked our tickets and planned an itinerary. Visa is on arrival for Indians, so no big hitches there. We wanted to land as late as… Continue reading Everything Druk – Bhutan

My Friend Alexa 2019

Paris – Elegance & Refinement

Night lighting at the Eiffel Tower Gay Paree! I've heard so much about it throughout my school life. The Tale of Two Cities, Les Miserables and the history of the French Revolution drove my curiosity about Paris. I finally got to set foot there decades later... Right from the moment i stepped into Paris till… Continue reading Paris – Elegance & Refinement